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GIS & Remote Sensing
Links to various Graphical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing resources.
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  Link   Map Projections
A very good page with explanations of different map projections with a very good introduction on the subject.
  Link   Lambert conformal conic (LCC) projection - used in Pakistan
LCC is used in Survey of Pakistan (SOP) maps. This wikipedia article explains the LCC projection.
  Link   Global Positioning System (GPS) (Wikipedia)
A very good Wikipedia article about what GPS is and how it works.
  Link   GLONASS (Wikipedia) - The Russian version of GPS
The Russian satellites for positioning data. This is used nowadays in dual frequency GPS survey equipment.
  Link   Magellan Handheld GPS screenshots
Screenshots of the Magellan Sportrak. Gives you an idea of various data collected and displayed by most handheld GPS units.
  Link   Free GIS
The best resource for free GIS related software, geo-data and information. They also sell a CDROM containing most of the free GIS software for a very small amount of money.
  Link   Open Source GIS Software
A list of open source (free) GIS software including servers, utilities, converters, viewers etc.
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