Remedial works of Makran Coastal (Phore Nai,Hingol River Bridge,Buzi Pass,Basol River Bridge)for NHA

Feasibility Study and Design for Remedial works of Makran Coastal Highway


ClientNational Highway Authority



Phor Nai 73Km

Hingol River Bridge 121 Km

Buzi Pass 154 Km

Jhukki Pass 159 Km

Approaches to Bridges at 167 Km

Road 232 Km to 235

Approaches of Basol River Bridge 274 Km

In February 2005, and again in June July 2007 Makran Coastal Highway was extensively damaged due to floods caused by un-precedence rains, cyclone resulting in closure of highway. The damages occurred due to sever flooding which necessitated the need for restudy of existing design of highway and structures damaged reaches between Liari and Pasni. Effected areas of Highway are: Phor Nai Km 73 Hingol River Bridge Km 121 Buzi Pass km 154 Jhukki Pass Km 159 Approaches to bridges at km 167 Road Km 232 to 235 Approaches of Basol River Bridge Km 274 Approaches of Bridge at Shadi Kaur km 386

The scope of services includes Alignment Study in critical areas of Busy pass, Jhukki Pass and Improvement of Sharp Curves and gradient at some locations. Highway Safety Audit and suggestion for improvement. Detailed Hydrological studies of Makran Coastal Highway particularly of major damage areas as mentioned above be undertaken to avoid recurrence of such damages. Preparation of Maintenance plan for the Coastal Highway for avoiding closure of Highway during floods. Preparation of proposal for setting up of Metrological stations at critical suitable locations for collection of accurate rain and flood data.