Background History

The beginnings of A.A. Associates go back to 1964 when its founding partner, Abdul Aleem Khan started his consulting practice as "A.Aleem Khan, Consulting Civil Engineers". 






In 1965 the Firm took the first step in its growth when Mr.Akbar Gul joined the pratice as a partner and the company was renamed "Akbar  and Aleem , Consulting Engineers".

This was the time when, the evolution of the consulting engineering profession in Pakistan was in its early stages. The Company was one of the few consulting engineering firms in the country that played a significant role in the development of national resources in this field






 In 1965 Mr. Abdul Nabi Pathan, an engineering graduate from the University of Karachi, joined the Firm and worked as design engineer till 1968 when he proceeded to Canada to pursue a Graduate course in Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia. On his return he rejoined the Firm and was made an Associate Partner in 1971.

The Firm was reorganized in 1976 under the name of A. A. Associates with Mr. A. Aleem Khan and Mr. Abdul Nabi Pathan as partners 


Company Profile

Company Structure