Peshawar Torkham 4 Lane Expressway from Haji Khanimullah Village to Torkhum for NHA PDF Print E-mail

Detailed Design, Design Review, Updating and coordination of Khanimullah – Torkhum (km 23.70) section of Peshawar – Torkhum 4 Lane Expressway  

ClientNational Highway Authority
18.19Km (33+450 to 51+640)

NHA awarded the project to Engineering Associates and A.A. Associates as two separate contracts: Section I: Engineering Associates Section II: A.A. Associates from Haji Khanimullah Village to Torkhum Contract Signed in July 2005.

Peshawar - Torkhum Expressway is a proposed 4 lane access restricted facility starting at Jumrud Check post and ends at Pak-Afghan border at Torkhum.