Makran Coastal from N-25 (RCD Highway) near Uthal to Ormara connecting Karachi and Gawader for (NHA) PDF Print E-mail

Makran Coastal

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ClientNational Highway Authority
Cost3906 million.
Length248 Km

The Project (Section-I) is a part of the greater scheme of the construction of 533 km long Makran Coastal Road, connecting Karachi and Gawader.

The Section-I (Liari to Ormara) is Construction of 248 km 2 lane single carriageway from N-25 (RCD Highway) near Uthal to Ormara. This section further consists of three packages. Package-I is consist of 120 km from Liari to Aghor.

The cross section of road is 13.30 meters wide with 7.30 meters wide asphalt travel way plus 3.00 meters wide earthen shoulders on both sides. Beside the road, the project includes construction of 37 Bridges, 474 Culverts, and erosion protection works.

National Highway Authority has appointed LRA group consultants comprising A.A. Associates, Loya Associates and Republic Engineering Corporation to first design this project & later to provide construction supervision services on this project. A.A. Associates is lead consultants and each firm provided equal input.

The services provided includes Detailed surveys, sub-soil investigations, hydrological studies, traffic studies, detailed design preparation of estimates and tender documents.

Construction supervision including supervision of works carried out by the contractor, quality control, survey control etc. management of works and certification of payments, assisting client in performance of his duties as Engineer and in other matters like land acquisition, removal of utilities etc.