Qila Saifullah-Loralai-Waigum Rud section of N-70 including 2 Lane Loralai Bypass for (NHA) PDF Print E-mail

Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for Upgradation, Improvement and widening of Qila Saifullah-Loralai-Waigum Rud section (124 Km) of N-70 including 2 Lane Loralai Bypass


ClientNational Highway Authority

N-70 from Qila Saifullah to Multan is about 438 km in length. Out of this length 256 km of road (N-70) is situated in Balochistan province from Qila Saifullah to Betawa. The remaining 182 Km is situated in Punjab province from Betawa to Multan. Qila Saifullah –Loralai-waigum Rud section of National Highway N-70 is about 124 km in length situated in Qila Saifullah and Loralai districts in northern Balochistan including 2 lane Loralai Bypass.

The services comprises of Alignment study and improvement of sharp curves, Topographic Survey, Detailed Geometric Design and Improvement of intersections (design), Road furniture design, Traffic count/survey and capacity analysis, Axle and existing road condition survey, Detailed soil / geotechnical investigations for pavement and structures design, Pavement design, Design for widening and extension of existing structures, Design of new cross drainage structures, Design of Flood and erosion protection works, Design of toll plaza, material Survey, Hydrology study, Highway safety audit report, Construction machinery requirement and report, Environmental impact assessment study (EIA), Preparation of PC-I, Detailed Feasibility study report, Tender Documents and cost estimates, Construction drawings, Land acquisition and utility structure folder and project definition plan