Pre-Feasibility for Eight (8) Bridges bridges over river Indus to link N-5 with N-55 for NHA PDF Print E-mail
Pre-Feasibility Study for Construction of Eight (8) Bridges over River Indus Linking N-5 with N-55



ClientNational Highway Authority

Feasibility Study of Eight Bridges at River Indus has been carried out. This study starts with reconnaissance survey to identify most suitable bridge location followed by Topographic and Traffic surveys for development of General Arrangement of Bridges and Geometric Design based on anticipated generated and diverted traffic, The transportation sequential models have been developed for calculation of anticipated traffic. Hydraulic study and survey carried out for siting of bridge and design of guide banks and protection work Economic and financial feasibility have been carry out to support decision.

The services provided, topographic survey, traffic survey and counts including OD surveys, preparation General layout plan profile and X-Section drawings economic and financial analysis of each bridge preparation of Feasibility study reports separately for each bridge covering the aspects as discussed above.