Overhead Bridge on Railway Crossing Khairpur Mirs, Sindh for National Highway Authority (NHA) PDF Print E-mail
Feasibility Study and Detailed Design of Construction of an overhead Bridge on Railway Crossing Khairpur Mirs, Sindh



ClientNational Highway Authority
Cost 595.009 million 

The National Highway Authority intended to construct 4 - Lane Bridge along with its approach roads at Railway crossing at Khairpur, Mir's. Considerable time waste due to main railway line crossing the old National Highway and Railway gate closure and frequent interval. The proposed flyover will facilitate unobstructed flow of the traffic resulting in considerable time and vehicle operating cost saving beside improved operating conditions, less driving stresses, reduction in accidents, improved environment & etc.

The Scope of Consultancy Broadly composed of following activities: Reconnaissance survey and Alignment Study, Geotechnical material other investigations, Establishment of design criteria for approval, Preliminary engineering design and drawings for approval, preparation of final design, Land acquisition, Feasibility Study Report, PC-I, Tender Documents, Preparation of Design Engineering Estimate and Rate Analysis etc.