Malir River Bridge connecting Shah Faisal colony with Korangi for City District Government Karachi PDF Print E-mail
Bridge over Malir River Connecting Shah Faisal Colony with Korangi Sector 10



ClientCity District Government Karachi 
Cost  Rs. 1207.243 Million
Length1210 Meters

City District Government Karachi (CDGK) has planned a Bridge over Malir River connecting Shah Faisal Colony & Korangi Sector-10 to provide the relief and the facility to the large population of the area living on both sides of Malir River. Salient features of bridge and approaches are given as under, Overall Width of Bridge 23.60 m, Width of Carriageway 9.3 m, Width of Walkway 1.6 m, Width of End Barriers 0.40 m, Width of Median 0.60 m, Cross slope 2 %. Main bridge over Malir River 1210 Meters long approaches 3848 meters and River Training and Protection works.

Services provided are included surveys, soil and sub-soil investigation, traffic surveys and analysis, preliminary engineering, feasibility, detailed engineering, bill of quantities, cost estimates, contract documents PC-I etc. Detailed construction Supervision included Quality control, Measurement of works, Certification for payments, and Issuance of completion certificates etc