Khairabad Bridge Over River Indus (Cantilver Box Girder) from Chablat Nowshera (N-5) for NHA PDF Print E-mail

Khairabad Bridge Over River Indus

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ClientNational Highway Authority
Cost424 million
Length701 m

The large bridge over river Indus at Khairabad on additional carriageway from Chablat Nowshera (N-5) is now open for Traffic.

The bridge is 701 m long, 10.85 (including 1.175 meter foot path on either side) m wide with 6 spans of 39+40+111+200+200+111 m and its design is based on cantilever box girder supported on central piers. The 200 m long segmental construction of box girder is unique and special. It is believed that this the longest span cantilever bridge in Asia. The average height of bridge deck from ground level and high flood level is 34 meters and 13 meters respectively. The bridge is designed by a sole Pakistani Firm and is being constructed by a Pakistani Firm with out any involvement of any expertise from outside Pakistan.

The substructure of the bridge consists of pile cap foundation resting on group of 900 mm concrete cast in place piles, high piers supporting the cantilever. The super-structure consists of pre-stressed concrete box type cantilever extending 100 m on each side of the single pier cast in segments. The bridge is located about 70 m upstream of the existing old Khairabad Bridge which was also designed and construction supervision carried out by A. A. Associates, and is the famous Attock Fort is on the left of the river bank.

The scope of services provided includes, Complete site investigation, surveys, hydrology, and design, Complete detailed construction supervision. The Client is National Highway Authority, and the Contractor is M/s Sachal Engineering Works with CPECC. The construction of bridge was started in November 1993.