Five (5) Bridges on Gilgit - Skardu Road for National Highway Authority (NHA) PDF Print E-mail
5 Bridges on Gilgit - Skardu Road

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ClientNational Highway Authority
CostRs. 104.683 Millio

National Highway Authority has appointed A. A. Associates to plan and design to replace the existing five (5) Bailey/Equipment Bridges on the Gilgit - Skardu Road with permanent bridges. Due to fatigue and continuous wear and tear of these existing bridges, FWO who is maintaining the road, have reduced the load classification of these bridges to Military Load Class 24.

The bridges which are to be replaced with Class 70 permanent bridges are:

1. Bailey Suspension Bridge (Alam Bridge) over River Gilgit at Km-1, Span 132m, Military Load Class 40.

2. Bailey bridge over Sassi Nullah at Km ?26, Span 26.50m, Military Load Class 24.

3. Bailey bridge over Brumdoor Nullah at Km 37, Span 19.80m Military Load Class 24.

4. Bailey Bridge over Tungush Nullah at Km 122, span 19.80m Military Load Class 24.

5. Bailey Suspension Bridge (Sapper Shaheed Bridge) over River Indus at Km 145, Span 132m, Military Class 40.

These bridges are of great strategic and socio-economic importance for the Northern Areas.

The cost of the project is Rs. 104.683 (Million).

The services provided includes Detailed topographic survey, Soil Investigations, preparation of detail design and drawings, Tender documents, Specifications, BOQs, Engineer's estimate, PC-I etc.