Bridges Over River Jhelum (Cantilever Box Girder) at Dhalkot & Azad Pattan(C&W Dept Jammu & Kashmir) PDF Print E-mail

Bridges Over River Jhelum at Dhalkot & Azad Pattan

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ClientC & W Department, Azad Government of Jammu and Kashmir
CostRs. 110 Million
Length150 m and 153 m

Two bridges over river Jhelum at Dhalkot and Azad Pattan had been designed by A. A. Associates for the Central Design Office, C & W Department, Azad Government of Jammu and Kashmir, Muzaffarabad. The bridges was constructed to replace the existing narrow bailey bridges.

One bridge had been designed at Dhalkot over river Jhelum which is about 35 km from Bridge over river Jhelum at Kohala on Islamabad Muzaffarabad Road. The new bridge at Dhalkot connects the road to Rawalpindi.

The other bridge is located at Azad Pattan on the road from Rawalpindi via Kohuta to Azad Pattan and ownard to Rawalkot and Pallandari.

The construction of this bridge has been undertaken by the National Highway Authority. Now A.A. Associates have been appointed to provide construction supervision on the project.

The two bridges have been designed as cantilevered box girders with central span of 70 m and total lengths of 150 m and 153 m respectively for Dhalkot Bridge and Azad Pattan Bridge.

The cost of the two bridges is estimated at Rs. 110 Million. The scope of services included detailed topographic surveys, soil and sub-soil investigations, traffic surveys, hydraulic studies, detailed design, feasibility studies, cost estimates, and tender documents. The design has been completed and handed over to the Central Design Office, Muzaffarabad to their satisfaction.