Bridge at Phulleli, Pinyari and AkramWah canal Hyderabad for District Government Hyderabad PDF Print E-mail
Detailed survey, soil investigation, preparation of feasibility studies and PC-I, detailed design, preparation of tender document, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the works for the scheme namely “Construction / widening of bridge at Phulleli, Pinyari and AkramWah canal Hyderabad”



ClientDistrict Government Hyderabad (Directorate of Hyderabad Development Package)
Cost 175.02 million 

Bridge over Pinyari Canal : 100 m

Bridge over Phulleli Canal : 80 m

Bridge over Akram Wah Canal : 34 m

Bridge on Pinyari Canal having length of (100m 5 spans of 20 m each), Bridge on Phullei Canal having length of (80m 4 spans of 20 m each), Bridge on Akram Wah Canal having length of (34m 2 spans of 17m each) share the common salient features such as width of Bridge (2 lanes of 3.65m each) side walks (1.2m wide on one side only)& approaches on both sides 200m.

The services provided in two phases (i) Design Phase & (ii) Construction Supervision Phase.Phase (i) includes Survey/Geotechnical Investigation, Preliminary Engineering Design and Detail Engineering Design. Phase (ii) includes Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Execution of works.